The New #1 Has Arrived


每天來自世界各地 QuiAri 愛好者的評論紛至沓來。 他們非常高興分享他們關於過著更健康、更幸福的生活的故事。

Heather M.

QuiAri products are great for my health, building immunity, natural energy and I have healthy looking skin too.

QuiAri 產品對我的健康、增強免疫力、天然能量非常有用,而且我的皮膚看起來也很健康

Kyrah M.

Seriously the best-tasting shake I’ve ever tasted!


Ronda H.

I wasn’t a shake person until QuiAri! Wow, best shake ever! I’ve been using these products regularly now for a few months & have never felt better!

在 QuiAri 之前我並不是一個奶昔的愛好者! 哇,有史以來最棒的奶昔! 我已經定期使用這些產品幾個月了,感覺從未如此好過!

Jordan M.

This shake has NO grit. I honestly hadn’t found a shake that I didn’t have to just plug my nose and chug and this one I could literally sip on all day!

這種奶昔沒有粗玉米粉。 老實說,我還沒找到一種我不需要塞住鼻子咕咕咕地喝的奶昔,而這個我真的可以喝上一整天!

Nevaeh N.

This product has absolutely changed my life. The energy pills give me long-lasting energy throughout the entire day, and I love that the Maqui Berry gives me the antioxidants I need!

這個產品徹底改變了我的生活。 能量錠為我提供一整天的持久能量,我喜歡馬基莓為我提供所需的抗氧化劑!

Mrs. B.

Since I started using the shakes and energy booster I’m down 15 pounds in 45 days.

自從我開始使用奶昔和能量錠後,我在 45 天內減重了 15 磅。

Marcus P.

QuiAri has helped me feel better and recover faster from workouts. I am also able to work longer and deal with life’s daily issues without losing focus.

QuiAri 幫助我感覺更好,並從運動中恢復得更快。 我還能夠工作更長時間並在不失去注專注的情況下處理生活中的日常問題。

Ashley P.

Since taking QuiAri I could not be more happy with my results! Not only is my age clock ticking back by the day, but I feel WONDERFUL!

自從服用 QuiAri 以來,我對自己的結果非常滿意! 我的年齡不僅一天天倒退,而且我感覺棒極了!

Tiffany T.

I really feel like I am getting back to being the best me again! I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm 189. That's a huge jump from 210!

我真的感覺我又回到了最好的自己! 今天早上我一稱體重,結果是 189 。與 原先210 相比,這是一個巨大的飛躍!

Jimmy E.

I love taking my shake and the magic purple pill after my workouts. The soreness, inflammation, and my joints are recovering much faster. I just turned 50 so this is very EXCITING!!!

我喜歡在運動後服用奶昔和神奇的紫色能量錠。 疼痛、發炎和我的關節恢復得更快。 我剛滿 50 歲,所以這非常令人興奮!

Sandra F.

Love this product and company!!!!! I feel 30 years younger.

喜歡這個產品和公司!!!! 我感覺自己年輕了30歲。

Jamee S.

I’m finally starting to feel like ME again, and as a mom to 6 …. Simplicity is important. So thankful to have had QuiAri shared with me!

我終於開始感覺自己又回到年輕的我了,身為一個 6 歲孩子的媽媽… 簡單性很重要。 非常感謝 QuiAri 與我分享!

Bridget B.

I'm losing inches, my skin is so clear, My hair is the healthiest it has ever been, my mood is top-tier energy….I am one happy mama!!



At 50 years old I've never tried a product that yielded such FAST results!

以我 在50 多年的經驗裡,我從未嘗試過能如此快速產生效果的產品!

Amanda Q.

Exactly what I’ve been searching for!! Great energy without the jitters or the crash after!! The shake is one of the best I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot!

正是我一直在尋找的東西! 巨大的能量,沒有緊張或崩潰後! 奶昔是我嘗試過的最好的奶昔之一,這是在我嘗試了許多奶昔後的結論!

Dory I.

As a senior, in my 70’s, it’s the best anti-aging products I have ever used! Love the youthful energy.

作為一個70多歲的老人,這是我用過的最好的抗衰老產品! 喜歡青春活力。

Mandy B.

The products taste amazing and make me feel amazing! My productivity has increased 300 percent since I began using the shake and energy!

產品味道棒極了,讓我感覺棒極了! 自從我開始使用奶昔和能量以來,我的工作效率提高了 300%!

Peter W.

I've lost 60 pounds on the product in 6 months. Total quality. Not bad for being over 60.

使用該產品,我在 6 個月內減掉了 60 磅。 全面品質。 對一個60多歲了的人還不錯。

Andrea O.

Obsessed is an understatement!


Marion P.

Today I tried the Shake, purple pill, and the Prime product and I give all of them 10/10.

今天我嘗試了奶昔、能量錠和 Prime 青春飲,我給它們都打了 滿分。

Paul O.

In addition to tasting like the best shake you can get, it's totally good for you! It's an indulgence that feels like it should be bad for you but it's not.

除了嘗起來是最好的奶昔之外,它對您來說絕對有好處! 這是一種放縱,感覺應該對你有害,但事實並非如此。

Dr. Gwen P.

I've used the products consistently for many months and I feel fantastic! 5 stars all the way.

我已經連續使用這些產品好幾個月了,感覺棒極了! 我給5顆星評價。


Money is tight due to inflation. I've discovered that by using Quiari for one meal day, not only did my overall health improve but I saved money.

由於通貨膨脹,資金緊張。 我發現,每天一餐使用 Quiari 作代餐,不僅改善了我的整體健康狀況,而且還節省了金錢。

Vincent M.

The best way to rediscover your youth is QuiAri Shake & QuiAri Energy.

重新發現青春的最佳方式是 QuiAri 奶昔 和 QuiAri 能量錠

Diane L.

I’ve got energy….. the kind that makes you want to dance to the music and gives you motivation to get everything done

Minh H.

I've had health issues for a few years. After I started using the QuiAri products I have more energy to get up and exercise

我的健康問題已經有幾年了。 開始使用 QuiAri 產品後,起床後讓我有更多的精力和鍛煉

Faye S.

I've been with QuiAri for a little over a month and I love it here. Amazing CEO and awesome leadership.

我在 QuiAri 工作一個多月了,我喜歡這裡。 出色的首席執行官和出色的領導力。

Raylynnciea S.

When I was first introduced to QuiAri I thought it was too good to be true, but after listening to others and seeing all the excitement I decided I was going to jump in with both feet! Now I am a Promoter too!

當我第一次被介紹到 QuiAri 時,我認為它好得令人難以置信,但在聽了其他人的講述並看到了所有的興奮之後,我決定我要全力投入! 現在我也是促銷員了!

Chanel M.

The system the company has in place is top-notch. I love it here!

公司的系統是一流的。 我喜歡這裡!

Twanya M.

I’m so glad I’ve found my forever home with Quiari!!! The products are amazing and so is the 5 minute pay.

我很高興我在 Quiari 找到了我永遠的家! 產品很棒,5 分鐘付費也很棒。

Mareka W.

QuiAri has become my new & final home! After being in the industry for 20 years, I've never seen anything like this!

QuiAri 已成為我的新家和最後的家! 從事這個行業20年了,從來沒有見過這樣的事情!

Kimberly N.

The CEO Bob Reina is by far the most genuine, transparent man in the business. He truly cares about helping others be successful.

執行長 Bob Reina 是業內迄今為止最真誠、最透明的人。 他真正關心幫助他人取得成功。

Deirdre M.

QuiAri is an amazing company. Pays me in 5 min. Has the most phenomenal Leadership Team.

QuiAri 是一家了不起的公司。 5 分鐘後付款機制。 擁有最出色的領導團隊。

Rita B.

I have found the company of QuiAri to be of integrity and proven leadership.

我發現 QuiAri 公司誠信且具有久經考驗的領導力。

Felicia M.

I have been super satisfied with the Products, Comp Plan, & Leadership. I have NEVER ranked up in any company. In QuiAri, it took 2 days.

我對產品、競爭計劃和領導力都非常滿意。 我從來沒有在任何公司排上過名人榜。 在QuiAri,花了2天時間就達成名人榜。

Lori W.

Absolutely loving this company!! Where else can you get paid in 5 mins?

絕對喜歡這家公司!! 還有哪裡可以5分鐘內付款?

Kevin A.

Great company, great vision and opportunity for extra income.


Calvin C.

I'm in the right vehicle. QuiAri is one of the best companies in the world.

我在正確的車輛裡。 QuiAri 是世界上最好的公司之一。

Cassandra W.

I recently joined the team and I can truly say they are a great team to work with. They are very focused and keep you informed on ALL areas of QuiAri.

我最近加入了這個團隊,我可以真誠地說他們是一個很棒的合作團隊。 他們非常專注,讓您了解 QuiAri.m 的所有領域

Cam T.

I'm making money In 5 mins and losing weight! Been in several similar businesses but this is ELITE!

我5分鐘就能賺錢,還能減肥! 曾從事過幾家類似的企業,但這是精英!

Pamela S.

QuiAri is changing the WORLD one day at a time! Making people healthy and paying people in LESS THAN 5 minutesin LESS THAN 5 minutes.

QuiAri 正在一天天地改變世界! 讓人們健康並在不到 5 分鐘內為人們付款。 真的不到 5 分鐘。

Mary C.

This company is the best. Received my products in 3 days and they are fantastic.

這家公司是最好的。 三天內收到了我的產品,它們非常棒。

Carlos P.

I often see companies rise and fall to pieces due to insincere intentions from the owners. With Bob Reina, that will never be the case.

我經常看到公司因業主的不真誠意圖而興衰分崩離析。 對鮑伯·雷納來說,情況永遠不會如此。

Robert R.

We get paid to share with others, which is so easy! I can see millions of happy Customers and Promoters sharing this gift from nature to make a difference in people’s lives!

我們透過與他人分享而獲得報酬,這很容易! 我可以看到數百萬快樂的顧客和促銷員分享這份來自大自然的禮物,以改變人們的生活!

Cherry O.

First Class website, state-of-the-art branding. Right products, Right timing, Right opportunity, Right Support. Instant pay.

一流的網站,最先進的品牌。 正確的產品、正確的時機、正確的機會、正確的支援。 即時付款。

Dan S.

Extremely well positioned within the industry with a unique, powerful product. The integrity, character, capitalization, and technology are all there.

憑藉獨特、強大的產品在業界佔據極為有利的地位。 誠信、人品、資本、技術都有。

Angie A.

Since becoming a Promoter, I have been given the blueprint to success! I’ve been in MLMs for over 10 years and have never had the expertise of leadership, or had so many people help me win.

自從成為促銷員以來,我就被賦予了成功的藍圖! 我在傳銷業工作了 10 多年,從來沒有領導力的專業知識,也沒有這麼多人幫助我獲勝。

Adeline L.

I love the Opportunity. I get, support from wonderful leaders, amazing rewards, and personal growth

我喜歡這個機會。 我得到了優秀領導的支持、驚人的獎勵和個人成長

Allan S.

Aloha! I have been looking and praying for a product/company like QuiAri for over 10 years!

阿囉哈! 十多年來,我一直在尋找和祈禱像 QuiAri 這樣的產品/公司!

Chase. H.

I just began my journey with QuiAri and they have awesome growth opportunities and a team like no other company I’ve ever worked for!

我剛開始在 QuiAri 的旅程,他們擁有絕佳的成長機會和一支與我工作過的其他公司不同的團隊!


What has impressed me the most is the Corporate staff, from the CEO to Customer Service, I.T., Marketing, and the management team. The responsiveness is outstanding.

我印象最深刻的是公司員工,從執行長到客戶服務、IT、行銷和管理團隊。 響應能力非常出色。

Julie H.

We can't be without these products so we have them shipped by AutoDelivery and they arrive in 3 days. Customer Service is Excellent and there aren’t many companies you can say that about.

我們不能沒有這些產品,因此我們透過自動送貨方式出貨,並在 3 天內送達。 客戶服務非常出色,沒有多少公司可以做到這一點。

Corina B.

Very easy to drink! I mixed with just water and added some ice to mine, not gritty or chalky like other shakes I’ve tried.

非常容易喝! 我只與水混合,並添加了一些冰塊,不像我嘗試過的其他奶昔那樣堅韌或白堊。

Crystal H.

QuiAri is like no other! I’m so over the moon happy to not have to take any other products out there to get the nutrition I need!

QuiAri 與眾不同! 我很高興不用再服用任何其他產品來獲得我需要的營養!

Chenyce G.

Welcome to your last stop to greatness. I LOVE QUIARI

歡迎來到您走向偉大的最後一站。 我愛QUIARI

Emone M.

Absolutely love QuiAri Prime, it’s an amazing product and keeps me energized and focused all throughout the day.

非常喜歡 QuiAri Prime青春飲,它是一款令人驚嘆的產品,讓我全天精力充沛、專注。

Stephanie S.

These products are incredible! I have the energy to get through the whole day with my 5 kids.

這些產品令人難以置信! 我有精力和 5 個孩子一起度過一整天。

Pinkie P.

I am a part of this business, and I absolutely love and enjoy everything about it. The support, love, excitement, and 5-minute pay!

我是這個行業的一部分,我絕對熱愛並享受它的一切。 支持、熱愛、興奮和 5 分鐘付費!

James T.

The nutritional profile of the shake is on point! I can really feel a difference. I feel healthier and I have more energy without the jitters.

奶昔的營養成分很重要! 我確實能感覺到不同。 我感覺更健康,精力更充沛,沒有緊張感。

Brandon L.

The people that promote these products are absolutely amazing! Don’t be shy reach out and try them. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

推廣這些產品的人絕對是了不起的! 不要害羞,伸出手來嘗試。 相信我,你不會失望的!

Kristy L.

Phenomenal products, incredible leadership, FANTASTIC COMPANY ALL AROUND!! 10/10 recommend!

非凡的產品,令人難以置信的領導力,非常棒的公司! 值得推薦

Tammy F.

I have energy that I haven’t had in years. My mood has even improved. I cannot say enough good things about these amazing products

我擁有多年來從未有過的精力。 我的心情也變好了。 我對這些令人驚嘆的產品讚不絕口

Dianne L.

I’m now happy, always singing and dancing and positive after taking the products for 6 days.

服用產品 6 天后,我現在很開心,總是能歌善舞,而且積極向上。

Jaree K.

I normally get jittery from Energy products but this is my new jam. No jitters, just focused energy!

我通常會對能源產品感到緊張,但這是我的新果醬。 沒有緊張,只有集中精力!